FOR our child

The Best for Our Child
Never forgetting where inne started, we endeavor to lay a solid health foundation for our children.  
Since its establishment, inne's priority has always been product quality as the essence of  the brand. 
We select raw materials worldwide under strict requirements and observe the GMP standards of EU
for our production lines.
Hundreds of thousands of experiments from research and development to market, more than 30 rounds of tests, along
with validation of several authoritative agencies guarantee extraordinary quality. 
Inne always believes that supplements should be delicious. We need to respect and satisfy the taste buds of children. Professional formulations, careful selection of ingredients, and continuous improvement, only for the favorite flavours for children. And daily nutritional supplements will become precious memories for a happy family time.
Inne focuses on healthy development of children in an all round manner. We keep lifting standards for simple and pure product ingredients. Sugar-free is not only our target but our tenet. Inne strives to guard the health of our children.
Inne always adheres to the principle of offering effective nutritional supplements to children. We have established a R&D team of pioneering experts from the whole world and have built a pilot innovation laboratory in the industry, ensuring the effectiveness of our products by cutting-edge technologies.
With only the best in our products, inne is determined on using high-quality raw materials worldwide free from pollution. We abide by the GMP standards of EU and follow the authoritative SGS inspection. Sparing no efforts in providing children with safe and secured products, we stand on the perspectives of mothers and cherish every trust of parents.
Original Aspiration and Mission
Inne never ceases to innovate since its birth for the concrete lifelong health foundation and healthy growth of children.
Freshly Launched New Products
inne high-end series, ground-breaking new products.
Higher EU standards, no sugar and individual packing
Safer, cleaner and more convenient
Laying a concrete foundation for the whole life of children is our eternal mission.